FIPA innovation: Who can lift a ton of steel without batting an eyelash?
Lifting solutions for steel processer in East Asia


South Korea’s DAHO TECH COMPANY is highly skilled in steel and mechanical engineering. As part of an automation measure, a new lifting solution was developed to meet their individual needs precisely in the handling of heavy steel sheets weighing up to a ton.

Challenges included the heavy weight and dimensions of the steel plates, which were as large as 6,000 mm x 1,800 mm x 22 mm. The plates were picked up and set down using vacuum suction cups mounted on a steel cross bar.

DAHO TECH COMPANY designed and executed the steel structure of the vacuum cross bar, while FIPA was entrusted with the system layout and the engineering of the entire vacuum technology as well as with the delivery of the components. These included oval suction cups, a pump for vacuum generation and the entire valve and control technology. As central components, the oval vacuum suction cups with a size of 800 x 400 ensure high suction power with minimal space requirements. Both the vacuum pump and the valve and control technology were able to be mounted on the cross bar. The solution makes for easy handling of different-sized steel plates at just the press of a button. For smaller steel plates the oval vacuum suction cups that are not needed switch off. The plates are disconnected from the vacuum circuits by means of manual valves.

Success in Asia with Engineered-in-Germany expertise

FIPA was able to win the project against many competitors from East Asia. This success can be attributed, on the one hand, to comprehensive expertise in vacuum technology. On the other, FIPA is already established in the Korean market as a reliable supplier in lifting technology. Despite its great distance from Germany, DAHO TECH COMPANY particularly values FIPA’s many years of experience, the high quality of the product and the reliable delivery service.

The project is an example of how FIPA can provide a gripper system solution for solving difficult handling issues. With international partner companies, its own construction team and a comprehensive program of solution components, FIPA offers customized grippers for almost every area of application.