FIPA news: Robot Competition EUROBOT 2016
Mobile Robots on the Beach


The team called TURAG (, participated in the EUROBOT (International Students Robotic Contest) international competition once again this year. In this competition, student teams from around the world compete against each other with their mobile robots. The robots must independently solve several tasks on a playing field. FIPA once again supported TURAG with a set of vacuum cups as a parts sponsor.

This year the competition was held under the motto “The Beach Bots”. The robots had to deal with some difficult handling tasks on the playing field (beach). They had to close the doors of beach huts along the sides of the field, snag toy fish out of tanks and place them in the net on the sidelines, collect sand blocks and shells (pucks) and open a parasol.

The FIPA vacuum cups were used to move the objects over the surface of the playing field. TURAG’s two mobile robots, named Flexo and Bender, showed great determination. They stood their ground in all the preliminary rounds and almost made it to the final.

FIPA congratulates the team. Perhaps the TURAG team will once again be on the winner’s podium next year.