FIPA news: FIPA sponsors Formula Student racing team with a vacuum pump

A group of machinery and electrical engineering students from Bundeswehr University Munich founded ATHENE Racing e.V. in early 2011 with the aim of building a formula racing car. Over 40 students from the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, aerospace technology, informatics, economics and social sciences are now part of the team. The chairs of Mechanical Engineering as well as Electrical Drives and Actuators at the Bundeswehr University support the students with advice and practical assistance.

With the combustion vehicle ARTEMIS, the team experienced success at the first race day it participated in. The committed junior staff are now working hard on designing the new vehicle HEPHAISTOS.

FIPA provided the team with an oil-lubricated vacuum pump DO.4C-1 free of charge as sponsorship. The oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump produces a very high final vacuum. It is especially well-suited to evacuating small and closed containers. An efficient damping and recovery system prevents oil vapour from escaping and reduces the sound pressure level.

The FIPA vacuum pump is used in the manufacture of vehicle components made from fibre composites. Through vacuum presses, a high fibre volume ratio is achieved. What’s more, FIPA vacuum pumps enable other manufacturing methods, such as resin infusion. The manufactured parts include vehicle panelling, safety-relevant components, such as the protective wall between the driver and all engine systems, as well as aerodynamic components.