Customized grippers

PA grippers

Suitable for foodstuffs
BA_Modulargreifer-GR09-anw Enlarge picture
Customized design example
  • Grippers are customized to the workpiece
  • Connection to robots such as Delta Robots
  • Double-acting
  • All components made of FDA compliant material
  • Material: polyamide-based high-performance plastic
  • The product examples displayed are based on customer specifications
  • We would be pleased to develop your customized solution

Technical data

Item no.GR09.xx1
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+Application examples

BP_Fischdosensauger zoom

Modular gripper for cans – the gripper design follows the contours of the handling item, to enable rapid acceleration

BA_Modulgreifer-mit-EMM zoom

Modular gripper with integrated ejector EMM and Varioflex® bellows vacuum cups for height compensation

Special ID & OD grippers

Custom grippers for inserts
special-id-grippers-fipa Enlarge picture
Special pneumatic ID gripper
special-id-grippers-fipa-anw2 Enlarge picture
Special vacuum OD gripper
  • Customized ID & OD grippers for inserts such as stem nuts or threaded bushings
  • Gripper customized to workpiece specifications
  • Pneumatically driven:
    - Clamping the workpiece with its inner contour
    - Single-acting or double-acting for short cycle times
  • Vacuum-driven:
    - For gripping parts on the face if ID pick-up is not permitted
  • Lightweight and compact housing, made from aluminum or brass
  • Dimensioned items below are for illustration only and not available as standard
  • We will be happy to develop the gripper that matches your application

Technical data

Item no.GR09.xx2GR09.xx3
Data Sheet Download datasheet Download datasheet
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  • a = Compressed air connection for extending the piston
  • b = Compressed air connection for stripping for product release
  • a = Vacuum connection