Filters for wet areas

Water droplets and other condensates can form in the vacuum generator intake. FIPA condensate separators protect vacuum generators from possible damage by condensing vapours. Optimum protection is achieved by installing the filter directly on the vacuum side.

FIPA filters for wet environments are easy to check thanks to their transparent plastic housings. Accumulated condensates can be drained off through the drain valve.

Filter / Condensate trap

Precipitation of condensable vapors

  • Efficient and reliable separation of water droplets out of vacuum systems
  • Easy installation after vacuum pumps or ejectors
  • Housing made of transparent plastics for filtration monitoring
  • Drainage valve at the bottom to discharge the collected condensate
  • Filter needs to be ventilated before opening

Technical data

Item no.71.03571.03671.03771.03871.039
Max. volume flow [m³/h] 10.6 17.7 21.2 35.3 58.9
Max. filling capacity [cm³] 30 25 40 50 100
Grade of filtration [µm] 100 50 30 30 30
Filter material Stainless steel mesh Polyethylene - sintered Synthetic felt Synthetic felt Synthetic felt
Max. input pressure [bar (psi)] 0.5 (7.3) 0.5 (7.3) 0.5 (7.3) 0.5 (7.3) 0.5 (7.3)
Max. operating temperature [°C (°F)] 122 (252) 122 (252) 122 (252) 122 (252) 122 (252)
Weight [kg] 0.6 0.8 1.7 5 9.3
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  • a = Bleeding screw
  • b = Blow-off screw
Item no.71.03571.03671.03771.03871.039
GG3/8G1/2R3/4G1G1 1/2
A [mm]8087125175220
Ø B [mm]7560100150190
C [mm]135196255370450


Item no. Suitable spare cartridges