Non-slip flat vacuum cups – SM-P

Anti-slip and oil-resistant – FIPA SM-P series flat vacuum cups made of NBR are optimised for handling oily sheet metal. Radial massive support ribs ensure a strong hold for sheet metal cups even under high shear forces. This design feature also prevents unwanted deep drawing effects that can permanently deform thin metal sheets.

For diameters greater than 20 mm, flat vacuum cups for metal sheet handling are equipped with screwed fittings. This guarantees a tight fit even under high retention forces.

Anti-slip flat vacuum cups – SM-P

Technical data

Item no.Model / Lip dimensionsConnection thread [mm]Material / ColourData Sheet
With female thread – SM-PI
100.010.100._* SM-PI-10G1/8-female0.5NBR (sw) Download datasheet
100.020.101._* SM-PI-20G1/8-female1.1NBR (sw) Download datasheet
100.030.102._* SM-PI-30G1/8-female1.8NBR (sw) Download datasheet
100.040.103._* SM-PI-40G1/8-female2.5NBR (sw) Download datasheet
100.050.104._* SM-PI-50G1/4-female3.1NBR (sw) Download datasheet
With male thread – SM-PI
100.010.110._* SM-PA-10G1/8-male0.5NBR (sw) Download datasheet
100.020.111._* SM-PA-20G1/8-male1.1NBR (sw) Download datasheet
100.030.112._* SM-PA-30G1/8-male1.8NBR (sw) Download datasheet
100.040.113._* SM-PA-40G1/8-male2.5NBR (sw) Download datasheet
100.050.114._* SM-PA-50G1/4-male3.1NBR (sw) Download datasheet

+Product description

Flat vacuum cups of oil-resistant NBR for handling metal sheets.
Distinct radially extending cleats increase the holding force and prevent “deep drawing” of the product as well as any slipping of oily sheets.

The firmly bolted holder (from Ø 20 mm) provides a secure seating.