Flat vacuum cups with a long shaft - SFU-L

Slim design, extra long shaft, diameter of 6 to 62 mm – FIPA SFU-L series flat vacuum cups can be used for the smooth handling of sensitive workpieces with uneven to slightly curved surfaces. On uneven product surfaces, the long shaft of the suction pad enables a small height compensation. The cost-effective and fast replacement of worn seals is an added benefit.

Flat vacuum cups with long shaft – SFU-L

Technical data

Item no.Model / Lip dimensions [mm]Material / ColourData Sheet
122.006.002._* SFU-L-61.5NBR (sw), SI (tr) Download datasheet
122.010.005._* SFU-L-101.5NBR (sw), SI (tr), SI-LE (tr) Download datasheet
122.016.009._* SFU-L-165NBR (sw), SI (tr), SI-LE (tr), NR (sw) Download datasheet
122.025.025._* SFU-L-255NBR (sw), SI (tr), NR (sw) Download datasheet
122.040.043._* SFU-L-404SI (tr), NR (sw) Download datasheet
122.060.059._* SFU-L-6010SI (tr), NR (sw) Download datasheet

+Product description

Flat vacuum cups for handling sensitive or uneven and slightly curved products. Long, slim design enables pipe mounting and low gimbal leveling for uneven product surfaces.


  • Gentle handling of particularly sensitive products
  • Cost-effective replacement of worn seals