Flat vacuum cups for porous products - SFU-RT

FIPA SFU-RT series flat vacuum cups for porous products enable the simultaneous suction and selective blow-off of products. A typical application is the stacking of partially air-permeable plate materials, such as chipboards for example. The patented flat vacuum cup with a diameter of 160 mm performs reliably even under high shear forces. The two-fold, internal security sealing lip made of abrasion-resistant NR ensures a good seal on smooth and rough product surfaces.

Flat vacuum cups for separating porous products – SFU-RT

Patented flat vacuum cups for stacking of partially air-permeable plate material that air is drawn through.

Separates uppermost plate layer from underlying plate layers.
Soft sealing lip made of abrasion-resistant NR. Secure handling even of rough surfaces thanks to additional internal safety sealing lip.

High stability under lateral forces.
Cost-effective replacement of the wear part, as it comes in two parts.

Technical data

Item no.102.160.380.4
Model / Lip dimensions SFU-RT-160
Material / ColourNR (bg)
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+Ordering notes

Elastomer seal and carrier plate 270.380 must be ordered separately




+Gripping force [N] at vacuum level [%]

Item no. 20 % Vacuum30 % Vacuum40 % Vacuum50 % Vacuum60 % Vacuum70 % Vacuum

+Functional principle

Task: Access the top layer of porous materials without carrying along the lower layers.

Simultaneous intake (outer chamber) and selective blowing in a separate central chamber breaks adhesive forces between the layers.

The unwanted take-up of lower layers is prevented.

The air pressure level should be between 1 and 3 bar (14.5 and 43.5 psi) and is dependent on the nature of the product.


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