Universal vacuum cups with bellows, 1.5 to 2.5 bellows, made of Vulkollan® – SBU-VU

As a highly durable plastic with extremely low wear and long service life, Vulkollan® is an outstanding material for the robust FIPA universal bellows vacuum cups with 1.5 to 2.5 bellows. Due to an outstanding recovery behaviour, these vacuum cups are designed for use in systems with short cycle times. The SBU-VU vacuum cup series covers a diameter range of 9 to 62 mm.

Vulkollan® bellows cups, universal, 1.5 to 2.5 folds – SBU-VU

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Technical data

Item no.Model / Lip dimensions [mm]Number of foldsMaterial / ColorData Sheet
Bellows vacuum cups, 1.5 folds – SBU1-VUBellows vacuum cups, 1.5 folds – SBU1-VU
23.020.169._* SBU1-VU-2071.5Vulkollan® (br) Download datasheet
23.030.170._* SBU1-VU-3081.5Vulkollan® (br) Download datasheet
23.050.171._* SBU1-VU-50101.5Vulkollan® (br) Download datasheet
Bellows vacuum cups, 2.5 folds – SBU2-VUBellows vacuum cups, 2.5 folds – SBU2-VU
21.009.106._* SBU2-VU-922.5Vulkollan® (br) Download datasheet
21.020.090._* SBU2-VU-2082.5Vulkollan® (br) Download datasheet
21.032.091._* SBU2-VU-30162.5Vulkollan® (br) Download datasheet
21.030.076._* SBU2-VU-31142.5Vulkollan® (br) Download datasheet
21.051.097._* SBU2-VU-50182.5Vulkollan® (br) Download datasheet
21.062.092._* SBU2-VU-60252.5Vulkollan® (br) Download datasheet

+Product notes

Extremely robust universal bellows vacuum cups, material made from Vulkollan®


  • Minimal abrasion
  • Very long life cycle
  • Very good resetting, enabling fast cycle times
  • Bellows compensate differences in height and enable good adaptation to curved or uneven product surfaces
  • Cost-effective replacement of worn seals