Oval vacuum cups, flat – Series SO-E

With an oval, extremely thin design with numerous gradations, these flat vacuum cups can securely pick up elongated objects. The antistatic models are especially suited for applications in the electrical engineering and electronics industries, e.g. semiconductor handling and automated handling of circuit boards with electronic components.

Their use in highly dynamic handling systems with rapid cycle times is facilitated by interlocking, clip-in fittings with high torsional strength and resistance against twisting.

FIPA SO-E series flat oval vacuum cups are available in dimensions ranging from 10x4 mm to 30x8 mm.

Oval vacuum cups, flat – SO-E

Technical data

Item no.Model / Lip dimensionsConnection thread [mm]Material / ColourData Sheet
130.10x4.115._* SO-E-10x4M5-male0.9NBR (sw), SI (tr) Download datasheet
130.10x4.068._* SO-E-10x4M6-male0.9NBR (sw), SI (tr) Download datasheet
130.10x5.116._* SO-E-10x5M5-male0.9NBR (sw), SI (tr) Download datasheet
130.10x5.071._* SO-E-10x5M6-male0.9NBR (sw), SI (tr) Download datasheet
130.10x6.117._* SO-E-10x6M5-male0.9NBR (sw), SI (tr) Download datasheet
130.10x6.073._* SO-E-10x6M6-male0.9NBR (sw), SI (tr) Download datasheet
130.20x4.118._* SO-E-20x4M5-male0.9NBR (sw), SI (tr) Download datasheet
130.20x4.069._* SO-E-20x4M6-male0.9NBR (sw), SI (tr) Download datasheet
130.20x5.119._* SO-E-20x5M5-male0.9NBR (sw), SI (tr) Download datasheet
130.20x5.081._* SO-E-20x5M6-male0.9NBR (sw) Download datasheet
130.20x6.120._* SO-E-20x6M5-male0.9NBR (sw), SI (tr) Download datasheet
130.20x6.074._* SO-E-20x6M6-male0.9NBR (sw), SI (tr) Download datasheet
130.20x8.121._* SO-E-20x8M5-male0.9NBR (sw), SI (tr) Download datasheet
130.20x8.076._* SO-E-20x8M6-male0.9NBR (sw), SI (tr) Download datasheet
130.30x5.123._* SO-E-30x5M5-male0.9NBR (sw), SI (tr) Download datasheet
130.30x5.072._* SO-E-30x5M6-male0.9NBR (sw), SI (tr) Download datasheet
130.30x6.124._* SO-E-30x6M5-male0.9NBR (sw), SI (tr) Download datasheet
130.30x6.075._* SO-E-30x6M6-male0.9NBR (sw), SI (tr) Download datasheet
130.30x8.125._* SO-E-30x8M5-male0.9NBR (sw), SI (tr) Download datasheet
130.30x8.077._* SO-E-30x8M6-male0.9NBR (sw), SI (tr) Download datasheet

+Ordering notes

The cups are delivered fully assembled with fitting.

The listed fittings are spare parts.

+Product description

Small flat vacuum cups in oval design for elongated workpieces where only minimal space is available (e.g. semiconductors, carrier plates, etc.).

Connection via an interlocking snap-in plug-in nipple.


  • Significantly increased suction force compared to round vacuum cups of the same width
  • Optimum bending strength due to elongated carrier plate in the plug-in nipple
  • Secured against rotation
  • Antistatic version available
  • Cost-effective replacement of worn seals