Oval vacuum suction plates

The timber and glass industries require vacuum cups made of resilient, low-marking materials. FIPA SOPL-A series oval suction plates are specially designed for handling elongated and narrow products made of glass and wood. Vulcanised aluminium support plates guarantee the tight hold and high bending strength that is required. Rubber supports prevent the deformation of the workpiece and increase lateral stability.

Oval vacuum cup plates made of wear-resistant natural rubber (NR) are designed for handling wood products. Oval suction plates made of low-marking nitrile rubber (NBR) are preferred for handling glass.

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Oval vacuum suction plates – SOPL-S and SOPL-A

Technical data

Item no.Material / Colour [mm]Weight [g]Model / Lip dimensionsSupport surfacesData Sheet
SOPL-S: NBR material, grey, with steel carrier plate
9.200x40.010._* NBR (gr)9140SOPL-S-200x40lengthwise Download datasheet
9.110x40.009._* NBR (gr)9122SOPL-S-110x40lengthwise Download datasheet
9.125x55.012._* NBR (gr)9320SOPL-S-125x55lengthwise Download datasheet
9.150x55.013._* NBR (gr)7255SOPL-S-150x55lengthwise Download datasheet
9.200x55.014._* NBR (gr)7538SOPL-S-200x55lengthwise Download datasheet
9.250x55.016._* NBR (gr)8770SOPL-S-250x55lengthwise Download datasheet
9.300x55.019._* NBR (gr)8902SOPL-S-300x55lengthwise Download datasheet
9.370x70.022._* NBR (gr)101,895SOPL-S-370x70lengthwise Download datasheet
9.200x100.015._* NBR (gr)8595SOPL-S-200x100lengthwise Download datasheet
9.280x100.017._* NBR (gr)101,880SOPL-S-280x100lengthwise Download datasheet
9.450x130.025._* NBR (gr)62,660SOPL-S-450x130crosswise Download datasheet
9.430x180.024._* NBR (gr)63,720SOPL-S-430x180selective Download datasheet
9.580x180.029._* NBR (gr)103,500SOPL-S-580x180lengthwise Download datasheet
SOPL-A: NR material, orange, with aluminum carrier plate
9.100x55.020._* NR (or)865SOPL-A-100x55lengthwise Download datasheet
9.150x55.083._* NR (or)8114SOPL-A-150x55lengthwise Download datasheet
9.200x55.020._* NR (or)8159SOPL-A-200x55lengthwise Download datasheet
9.300x55.046._* NR (or)8300SOPL-A-300x55lengthwise Download datasheet

+Ordering notes

Customized drilling patterns available on request for Series SOPL-S

+Product description

Oval vacuum cups, vulcanized, on a carrier plate of steel / aluminum for the handling of long, narrow products such as strips, profiles or frames.

Rubberized support surfaces prevent deformation of the product and increase lateral stability.


  • High suction force on a small footprint
  • Low-marking
  • High process reliability due to vulcanized carrier plate
  • Individual machine connection possible