PA grippers

Customized to the handling item: FIPA PA grippers, also known as individual grippers are easy to adapt to robots. All components are FDA approved for direct food contact. Integrated media channels significantly reduce piping complexity.

PA grippers

Suitable for foodstuffs
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Customized design example
  • Grippers are customized to the workpiece
  • Connection to robots such as Delta Robots
  • Double-acting
  • All components made of FDA compliant material
  • Material: polyamide-based high-performance plastic
  • The product examples displayed are based on customer specifications
  • We would be pleased to develop your customized solution

Technical data

Item no.GR09.xx1
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+Application examples

BP_Fischdosensauger zoom

Modular gripper for cans – the gripper design follows the contours of the handling item, to enable rapid acceleration

BA_Modulgreifer-mit-EMM zoom

Modular gripper with integrated ejector EMM and Varioflex® bellows vacuum cups for height compensation