Accessories - Vacuum tanks

Vacuum tanks and vacuum accumulators maintain the required vacuum level for a period in the event of failure of the vacuum generator as the result of an interrupted power supply or defective unit and prevent accidental release of workpieces. When dimensioned correctly, vacuum accumulators ensure the efficient operation of the vacuum network.

FIPA vacuum tanks compensate for vacuum losses during the sucking up the workpieces and ensure an even and thus gentle operation of vacuum generators, such as side channel blowers, vacuum pumps, piston and screw compressors for example.

All FIPA vacuum safety tanks are made of corrosion-resistant aluminium and can be used as compressed air reservoirs and repositories for non-abrasive liquids.

Vacuum tanks 5 - 60 liters

  • Storage for compressed air, vacuum and non-aggressive liquids
  • Energy saving assembly of compressed air and vacuum
  • For compressed air / vacuum networks with fluctuating demand
  • For preventing frequent startup of the compressor system
  • To cover high demands short-term
  • As supplement to screw / piston compressors, rotary compressors or vacuum pumps

Technical data

Item no.92.00192.00292.00392.004
Safety tank volume [l] 5 10 20 60
Weight [kg] 1,7 2,4 3,7 9,3
Operating pressure [bar] 0 - 11 0 - 11 0 - 11 0 - 11
Medium Compressed air / vacuum Compressed air / vacuum Compressed air / vacuum Compressed air / vacuum
Design Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium
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  • 92.001: Two fittings in line with G1/2-female with 90° offset
    One fitting per front face with G3/4-female
  • 92.002 to 92.004: One fitting in line with G1/2-female
    2 x one fitting with G3/4-female and distance 120 mm and 1 x one fitting with G3/4-female on the front faces



92.001, 92.002, 92.003



  • * = Two pairs of fixing bores, each with 2x M12x14
  • ** =
Item no.92.00192.00292.00392.004
D [mm]152206245276
L [mm]3563555001 111