Temperature-resistant oval vacuum cups made of Thermalon® – SKT-F

The handling of hot injection moulding parts poses a special challenge for vacuum grippers. Injection moulding parts are often extremely delicate. In order to maintain production tolerances and allow for future painting or coating, the removal of parts from the injection moulding machine must be deformation-free and low-marking. The gripper material must, therefore, be free of PWIS and mould release. Since parts often have a narrow width and complex shape, oval vacuum cups need to be small enough to gently touch down even in ribbing.

All of these requirements of the plastics industry are best fulfilled with FIPA SKT-O / SKH-O series temperature-resistant Thermalon® or HNBR oval vacuum cups. These oval suction cups can be used in temperatures up to 160 °C. The FIPA range covers common sizes ranging from 4x2 mm to 45x115 mm.

High temperature Thermalon® oval cups – SKT-O

Up to 160 °C (320 °F) & Minimum marking

Technical data

Item no.Model / Lip dimensions [mm]Material / ColourLip dimensionsUsage temperature [°C (°F)]Data Sheet
132.4x2.079._* SKT-O-4x20.4Thermalon® (bl)4x20 - 160 (32 - 320) Download datasheet
132.7x4.080._* SKT-O-7x40.5Thermalon® (bl)7x40 - 160 (32 - 320) Download datasheet
132.15x5.081._* SKT-O-15x50.6Thermalon® (bl)15x50 - 160 (32 - 320) Download datasheet
132.18x6.082._* SKT-O-18x61Thermalon® (bl)18x60 - 160 (32 - 320) Download datasheet
132.24x8.083._* SKT-O-24x81Thermalon® (bl)24x80 - 160 (32 - 320) Download datasheet
132.30x10.084._* SKT-O-30x101Thermalon® (bl)30x100 - 160 (32 - 320) Download datasheet
132.45x15.085._* SKT-O-45x152Thermalon® (bl)45x150 - 160 (32 - 320) Download datasheet
132.60x20.086._* SKT-O-60x202.5Thermalon® (bl)60x200 - 160 (32 - 320) Download datasheet
132.75x25.087._* SKT-O-75x252.5Thermalon® (bl)75x250 - 160 (32 - 320) Download datasheet

+Ordering notes

From size 24x8 mm upward, a gripper clamp (available separately) is recommended to prevent inadvertent rotation.

+Product description

Oval vacuum cups for smooth surfaces suitable for removing hot plastic parts to be painted from an injection molding machine. Thermalon® is a material mixture specially optimized for the plastics industry with a hardness of 60° Shore A.

Connection via plug-in nipple.


  • Extremely low-marking
  • Free of silicone and other paint-wetting-impairment substances (PWIS)
  • Significantly increased suction force compared to round vacuum cups of the same width
  • Soft sealing lip also allows adhesion to curved products