Flat vacuum cups with a short stroke - SFK

High suction power, minimal wear and low space requirements are the benefits of FIPA flat vacuum cups with short lift. Internal supports prevent workpieces from deforming and improve the stability of the supports.

The model made of temperature-resistant, silicone-free HNBR is designed for grippers that extract hot plastic parts from injection moulding machines.

The SFK-G series is optimised for use in clamping elements.

Flat vacuum cups with a short stroke – SFK

Technical data

Item no.Model / Lip dimensions [mm]Material / ColourUsage temperature [°C (°F)]Data Sheet
102.020.458._* SFK-K-200.5HNBR (ge), NR (br)0 - 160 (32 - 320) Download datasheet
102.030.459._* SFK-K-300.8HNBR (ge), NR (br)0 - 160 (32 - 320) Download datasheet
102.045.460._* SFK-K-451.2HNBR (ge), NR (br)0 - 160 (32 - 320) Download datasheet
154.065.003._* SFK-G-653NBR (sw), SI (w)-- Download datasheet
154.110.014._* SFK-G-1101.5NBR (sw), SI (w)-- Download datasheet
154.150.021._* SFK-G-1502NBR (sw), SI (w)-- Download datasheet

+Product description

Flat vacuum cups with a minimum stroke for flat surfaces. HNBR version especially suited for removing hot plastic parts from an injection molding machine, as they are silicone-free and temperature-resistant up to 160 °C (320 °F).

SFK-G series particularly suitable for clamping elements. Connection via a form-locking, snap-in aluminum plate.


  • Great suction power thanks to the largest active vacuum suction surface possible
  • Minimized wear, as the suction lip does not slide over the product during suction
  • Low space requirement
  • Cost-effective replacement of worn seals